Top 10 tips for New Year Hangover

1. Tell people you’re not drinking. They are less likely to keep topping up your Prosecco!

2. Drink something that just looks like a cocktail. Most good places create the perfect Mocktail. There’s no reason why your fellow revellers have to know that there’s no alcohol in your cocktail. The same holds true for non-alcoholic beers, juices or lime and soda.

3. Add water. New Year’s Eve celebrations can make for a long night. Drinking only alcohol for hours on end is a sure way to end up doing harm to your body. Mix non-alcoholic drinks in between your cocktails. Drinking a water or soda in between alcohol will slow down your alcohol consumption. It could also have a placebo effect, tricking your brain to think you drank more than you actually did. But it also hydrates you, helping to ward off a hangover the next day.

4. Avoid caffeine with your alcohol. Mixing caffeine with alcohol can be trouble on two counts. The caffeine has a diuretic effect, which exacerbates the dehydration you’ll already likely experiencing from the alcohol. The caffeine makes you think you can drink more than your body would normally tolerate so avoid those espresso martinis!

5. Avoid “hair of the dog.” Drinking a bit of alcohol after waking up with a hangover may ease symptoms slightly, but the benefits are only temporary and you will feel even worse by midday!

6. Don’t bother with over the counter pills – the best cure is water for hydration and a Virgin Mary – salt and pepper with tobacco and Worcester sauce, can’t be beaten!

7. And best of all – Rest. Get some sleep and allow your body to recover.

8. Cool Shower – this might not be all psychological, you sweat more as your temperature rises with alcohol consumption – get the remainder off your skin!

9. Exercise – Take a long walk in the park or woods, if you don’t have a dog whistle for one!

10. Food – Slightly burned toast will act like charcoal and soak up all the negative stomach acids aiding with reducing nausea.