Spring Clean!

Top Tips for Greener Spring Cleaning

  • Bicarb of Soda – A little water and bicarb paste will have your oven and cooker looking new in no time! Baking Soda is another good tip and can be used in the bathroom, kitchen and even washing clothes.
  • Lemons – Add 4 large chopped lemons to a bowl of boiling water and leave in your oven until it is cool – your oven will be grateful for this lovely spring clean!
  • White vinegar – great for cleaning out washing machines, half a cupful in the washing powder drawn and run on a short daily spin. You can also use in the dishwasher and shining up windows.
  • For tiles with dirty grouting try one part carbonated water with one part white vinegar and spray it on the mouldy areas. If the grime still doesn’t scrub off, add two parts baking soda to the vinegar-water mix to make a thick paste. Let the mixture sit on the grout for at least 15 minutes before scrubbing it off.

Top Tips for cleaning up Finances

  • Spring Cleaning Finances doesn’t have to be arduous either. You don’t need to take out loans to pay off current debt. Speak to your creditors and negotiate less interest and a monthly fee that won’t break your bank.
  • Take a look at your current spending and draft a plan to show what direct debits go out and what should come in.
  • Be strict, cut out the booze (you want to get into that holiday bikini anyway) and anything else that is not needed (I’m also talking about the soya lattes!!)
  • Set up a savings scheme such as Save the Change. And get yourself an old fashioned money box for loose change. Literally every penny helps!