Build to Rent Property Developments

Broadband and utilities provider, Glide have suggested 5 tips landlords should consider when looking at a buy to let development. These developments are designed with long term tenants in mind and so the community experience requires careful consideration.

Understand your customer
BTR households are coveted by young professionals, the all-inclusive bills are a big incentive to millennial applicants. Other conveniences may include parcel storage and dry cleaning.

As many young professionals commute to work, it is a good idea to consider this when choosing areas in which to develop.

Sense of community
A good way of ensuring a positive community atmosphere is a Facebook group for the building. This can be a good way for tenants to interact with other people they are living with and create social events such as BBQs and meet ups. In order to accommodate and promote this social setting, spaces such as a rooftop terrace, communal garden or lounge area are a good idea for tenants to socialise and relax outside of their own property.

It’s not just a place to sleep
Creating space, or the illusion of space with plenty of lighting is crucial to make rooms light and spacious. Well proportioned windows and dimmer light switches will help facilitate this. Lots of plug sockets for chargers and tablets will help to create personal ambiance.

Stay up to date with technology
Cutting edge technology is vital to enhance the customer experience. Millennials rely heavily on fast and reliable Wi-Fi from streaming TV shows and movies to ordering groceries online.

Being able to control all aspects of your home at the tap of a screen is becoming more popular. Prospective Landlords should be sure to incorporate this and any other upcoming home technologies into any build to rent developments.

Be future-proof
As tenants are looking to rent long term, they will be keen to live in a building that is set to last. Invest in solid infrastructure so you can ensure that your tenants have what they need for years to come.

Integrating engineering systems allows for a high quality of space which means developers have more floor space to play with.

In order to use less power and so lowering energy bills, Landlords should use a full fibre infrastructure. This should help reduce the tenants carbon footprint which is a key and topical.

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